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Prime 10 Greatest Loki Comedian Storylines (Ranked)
Prime 10 Greatest Loki Comedian Storylines (Ranked)
Top 10 Loki Comic Storylines

With the return of Loki in season 2 of the chart-breaking first season of Tom Hiddleston’s standalone collection on Disney Plus, there’s severe hype across the character of Loki. Whereas Loki has grow to be some of the cherished MCU collection, most of us are unaware of the affect Loki has had on the Marvel Comedian Universe and I’m right here to vary that for you, as soon as and for all. Right now, I’m gonna share the checklist of my private favourite high 10 Loki comedian storylines on this article. So, with out a lot additional ado, let’s dive proper into it!

10. Avengers #1

Avengers #1

If we speak about Loki in Marvel comics, how can we not speak about a standoff between Loki and the Avengers? This comedian subject was the primary Marvel comedian to introduce the superhero workforce of Avengers. Nevertheless, the Avengers right here have been fairly completely different than what we witnessed within the MCU. This workforce consisted of Ant-Man (Hank Pym), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Thor, and properly, the Wasp (Janet van Dyne). 

This comedian collection revolves round Loki framing the Hulk for a prepare wreck that brought on an enormous variety of casualties, and the Avengers come collectively to battle towards Hulk considering of him as a risk. However in a while, Loki is revealed to be the actual enemy, and The Hulk joins forces with the Avengers to take a stand towards him. This comedian e-book is basically previous however is among the finest comics involving Loki and a villain to learn.

9. Siege


This comedian run revolves round Norman Osbourn invading Asgard below the affect of Loki, and the Avengers are seen trying to cease him together with Thor. Seige is extra just like the finale to various different comedian runs like The Home of M, Avengers: Disassembled, and Secret Invasion.

If you happen to’re not that a lot into comics and are conscious of the plot of the opposite comics talked about above, I wouldn’t advocate you to learn this. However for those who’re up for some analysis beforehand, you possibly can actually dive proper into it.

8. Vote Loki

Vote Loki

Vote Loki is among the short-run comics that revolve round Loki utilizing his trickery and deception to run for the president of the USA. This comedian was created as a satire of the political situation in 2016 and was not your common superheroes-throwing-punches-at-the-supervillain comedian e-book.

What makes this comedian run particular is that the Vote Loki from this comedian appeared as a Loki Variant in Loki Season 1. This comedian is extra on the sarcastic-satirist-funny aspect and is fairly fulfilling in itself.

7. Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers

Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers

If you happen to’re searching for a comic book e-book that makes you perceive the angle of Loki, then Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers is your final vacation spot. This comedian e-book revolves across the story of the everlasting battle between Loki and Thor however from the viewpoint of Loki. On this comedian, you clearly see how Loki has at all times been dwelling below the shadow of his brother Thor and the best way it impacts him. Blood Brothers offers us a a lot clearer perspective on how Odin is extraordinarily partial in direction of Loki and at all times favors Thor.

This comedian e-book additionally offers us a view of how the dynamic between Loki and Thor actually is. Certain, they’re at all times at conflict with one another but in addition have a sure diploma of compassion in direction of one another, similar to some other sibling relationship, solely just a little extra excessive.

6. Frog of Thunder

Frog of Thunder

Frog of Thunder is among the somewhat distinctive Loki comedian storylines that may be discovered within the comedian runs of The Mighty Thor #364-366 or within the collective quantity of The Mighty Thor, Quantity 4. On this storyline, Thor is, properly, become a frog and fights towards a plethora of villains, together with a large position performed by Loki as an antagonist.

There will not be lots of superheroes in Marvel comics who’ve ever taken the type of amphibians in order that makes this comedian run very particular. We additionally witness this model of Thor for a quick second in Loki Season 1 so for those who want to see this amphibian avatar of Thor giving Loki hell, do learn this comedian collection!

5. Journey Into Thriller: Worry Itself

Top 10 Best Loki Comic Storylines (Ranked)

This Loki comedian run is particular as a result of right here, we get to see child Loki in motion as an anti-hero. This story follows the time when Thor was held prisoner by the Serpent, and there’s a lethal conflict happening in Asgard between Odin and the Serpent. On this story, we see that Loki has died and is reborn as a child who goes on a mission to the underworld so as to rescue Thor.

Child Loki is definitely some of the cherished Loki variants since his incorporation into Loki Season 1 and from the comedian viewpoint, he is among the most attention-grabbing ones as properly. Earlier than this comedian run, Loki was purely a villain however as soon as he was reborn, one thing modified about him. He developed a deeper sense of compassion and was at all times meddling between a dilemma of taking the correct path or the mistaken one. Belief me, when you begin studying this comedian collection, you’re gonna fall in love with this variant of Loki.

4. Diversions and Misdirections

Diversions and Misdirections

This comedian run has by far one of the best villainous plot ever created by Loki towards Thor. This story is informed in Thor#12 the place Loki groups up with Hela in an try to actual revenge on Thor. He travels again in time with the assistance of Hela and alters sure occasions to achieve an higher hand over Thor and to have the ability to damage him.

He even travels again to the time when Odin adopted Loki as an toddler and units up his unique father to die by the hands of Odin. It’s a fairly mind-boggling comedian and won’t allow you to relaxation until you learn it cowl to cowl.

3. Younger Avengers: Fashion > Substance

Young Avengers: Style > Substance

This comedian storyline follows the formation of a brand new workforce of Earth’s mightiest heroes referred to as the Younger Avengers. On this comedian, a significant villain from Loki’s previous reappears, which makes him be part of forces with the opposite younger heroes.

On high of that, Wiccan conjures up a villainous, evil entity referred to as Mom. Since this workforce of superheroes are actually youngsters, they should undergo a very completely different set of issues amongst themselves in the meantime trying to eliminate a a lot larger risk.

2. Loki: Agent of Asgard

Loki: Agent of Asgard

Loki: Agent of Asgard is a non-linear comedian run the place Loki units out on varied missions as a undercover agent for Asgard. These missions are completely different in every comedian and might vary from a heist within the Avengers tower or discovering a magical sword hidden in Asgard.

This comedian run is a must-read for Loki followers as it’s sort of the place the ideas for the Loki collection originated. On this comedian collection, we get to see encounters between Loki and his variants as properly which is kind of attention-grabbing for those who’ve seen Loki season 1.

1. Trials of Loki

Trials of Loki

This four-part comedian subject presents us with an perception into the character Loki. On this comedian run, we first meet Loki, who has been exiled from Asgard. The remainder of the comedian e-book dives deep into his backstory and provides us flashbacks of why Loki was exiled. These flashbacks return to when Odin adopted Loki and the way Thor’s hammer was virtually Loki’s.

This comedian run additionally introduces us to Hela in certainly one of its components and how related she and Loki are to one another. If you happen to actually actually wish to perceive the character of Loki and don’t wish to delve into basic Norse literature, this comedian run is the perfect textual content for you!

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