June 15, 2024

The Forgotten Corridor Retailer in Honkai Star Rail is likely one of the most well-received options within the sport because it offers a number of good F2P Gentle Cones. The Developer Radio: Penacony Particular Version first revealed the brand new Gentle Cones coming to the Forgotten Corridor with the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 model. The most recent Honkai Star Rail leaks, by way of Staff Chikawa, have confirmed the 7 new Gentle Cones, one for every path, with their full talents.

HSR 2.0: All 7 Leaked Gentle Cones With Skills

  • Abundance Gentle Cone: The Break impact will increase by 24 % and the fundamental assault restores the well being of the wearer by 2% of Max HP plus 800.
  • Concord Gentle Cone: When a personality makes use of Fundamental Assault, Talent, or Final, their corresponding skill will get a 12% harm enhance. Solely takes impact with the latest skill used and doesn’t stack.
  • Hunt Gentle Cone: Will increase Assault by 12%. After touchdown a Crit hit on enemies, enhance the Crit Harm by 8% (max 4 stacks), till the tip of the wearer’s flip.
  • Destruction Gentle Cone: If HP is misplaced or consumed by the wearer in a single assault or flip hits 25% or extra of their max HP, it instantly heals them for 15% of their Max HP, and likewise will increase their Harm by 25% for two turns. The Impact solely triggers as soon as each 3 turns.
  • Preservation Gentle Cone: Wearer’s Impact Resistance is elevated by 12%. For each 100 Protection, will increase the harm dealt by 0.8 %, to a max of 32% max harm enhance.
  • Erudition Gentle Cone: The wearer’s assault is elevated by 16%, and when the wearer hits 2 or extra enemies with an assault, the Crit Harm will increase by 20% for two turns.
  • Nihility Gentle Cone: Will increase wearer’s assault by 20% when their Impact Hit Price is the same as or higher than 80%. Additionally, inflicting a debuff will increase the Harm dealt by 6% (max 3 stacks). This impact lasts for 1 flip.

Particular because of r/juniorjaw for translating the Gentle Cone stats. 4 of the Gentle Cones look like the 4-star signature Gentle Cones of Sam, Gallagher, Sunday, and Sparkle.

Of the 7 new Gentle Cones, the Hunt, Erudition, and Nihility Gentle Cones look notably good. The Erudition Gentle Cone might be very helpful for characters like Serval in Pure Fiction. The Destruction Gentle Cone appears to be like good for Blade.

HSR 2.0 Pure Fiction Replace Leaked

The leak additionally revealed the Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Pure Fiction replace with new Whimsicality. The Whimsicality interprets to:

When the cumulative harm attributable to our facet’s further assaults reaches 100%, a hard and fast quantity of harm might be triggered to all enemies”.

The extra assaults can imply a Comply with-up assault, or simply be a mistake throughout translation. Share with us your ideas on the 7 new leaked Gentle Cones coming to Honkai Star Rail.

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